Community Giving Application

As part of our industry-leading Global Commitment program, we are committed to supporting and protecting the communities in which we operate and already have many successful initiatives in place that are making a difference.

We believe it is our responsibility — not only as a business but also as good citizens — to ensure the future of generations to come. And while we are a global company, we are committed to strengthening the local communities in which we operate and enriching the lives of those who live there — many of whom are employees of GCT. Our many initiatives include buying and hiring locally, participating in charitable events, supporting community programs and protecting the surrounding environment and wildlife.

GCT Global Container Terminals traditionally focuses our community investment in areas that align with our Corporate Values and Global Commitment and drive positive outcomes in our communities:

  • Child and Youth Sport, Education and Development
  • Health & Safety
  • Community Economic Development
  • Environment and Sustainability

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